Start at $1200

- Static Jaw
- Plush Nose
- Plush neoprene teeth
- Soft and lightweight
- 3D-printed Follow-Me eyes
- Bucket head lined with neoprene
- Uniquely sculpted foam base
- Ventilation through mouth and eyes
- Upgrade to resin or silicone nose for $50
- Add removable tongues for $5 each
- Add a custom liner for $150
- Add a muzzle fan and rechargable battery pack for $100


Hand Paws

Start at $250

- Add claws for $50
- Add full lycra lining for $35
- Add a custom liner for $150
- Finger escapes available upon request
- Finished with a cuff to prevent stretching
- Paw pads are satin stitched for extra durability
- Comes with removable lycra pillows for ease of cleaning

Pattern by Kloofsuits


Feet Paws

Start at $350

- Add claws for $50
- Finished with a cuff to prevent stretching
- Paw pads are satin stitched for extra durability
- Outdoor paws come with durable rubber soles
- Indoor paws come with fur soles and paw pads for $100 extra



Start at $50 for 6" Tails

- Longer tails start at $100

- Attaches to your belt via two nylon loops on a firm foam base. 

- Longer tails will feature a hidden belt slot to hold the tail closer to your body



Arm Sleeves

Start at $100

- Lined with neoprene at the wrists to prevent stretching

- Lined with bias tape at the shoulders to prevent stretching

- Elastic straps across your chest and back hold the sleeves on

- Fleece or minky wings can be added to your sleeves for $100



Start at $300
- Cross body elastic holds the wings on

- Lightweight and holds their shape

Body Suits

Start at $1200

- Plantigrade only
- Neck is lined to prevent stretching
- Hidden zipper installed in the front
- Double-stitched seams for extra durability